SDRR - Simulation Driver Radar Recorder 

Simulates external interfaces to ATC Terminal and EnRoute systems. It's a configurable simulation injection tool that allows injection of local, interfacility and surveillance messages, displays all related NAS and surveillance facilities, displays message counts, device status and errors.

Key Features:

Simulates external interfaces to ATC Terminal and EnRoute systems
Configurable Simulation Injection Tool communication across multiple labs
Allows injection of local, interfacility and surveillance messages
Displays all related NAS and surveillance facilities
Displays message counts, device status and errors
Injects Timed Messages via File/Network Input
Handles dynamic aspects of Radar, ADSB and MLAT interfaces
Capable of spinning radars and generating radar output from lat/long target input stream
Updated for DataComm to add simulated systems and interfaces.

  • Avionics
  • DCNS network interface
  • TDLS and TIMS tower systems
  • ERAM simulator

Capability to communicate with or act as PC-RCU
Supports emulated interfaces – to control the environment, providing repeatable consistent inputs and allowing the user to make variations, if needed
Supports live (actual) interfaces – driving ERAM, STARS, DataComm and TBFM to facilitate testing

JVN Tool Suite:

Used to Create Scenarios
Provides for Dynamic Simulations
Provides Capability for Playback, Recording and Viewing Data
Data Distribution Element
Shadow Live Facilities
Configure Lab Utilities

Tool Suite Core:

Runs on robust Linux architecture
Custom Linux Device Drivers
Real Time Simulation Infrastructure Software
Air Traffic Utilities Library
Air Traffic Facility Emulation Library
Protocol / Device Management Library
Customized Reusable Widgets
Customized Database Storage / Retrieval Software

GSGT – Graphic Simulation Generation Tool

Graphically generates scenarios based on NAS adaptation for simulation of air traffic to various ATC systems. Used as a source of real time inputs and facilitates the testing and integration of NAS and related subsystems.

AViD – Airspace Visualization Display

Provides a graphical representation to view and analyze surveillance data and displays ATC adaptation. Data can be viewed, plotted, and dissected for multiple formats of surveillance data including ADSB, CD2, MLAT, DASR, Asterix and networked surveillance data using ECGP.

DYSIM – Dynamic Simulation

Processes live surveillance and non-surveillance data to allow manipulation and dynamic takeover of targets live or simulated. Manipulated target can be sent to ATC system with un-manipulated live traffic.